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Friday, September 17, 2010

My God

God to me is a very wise, powerful spirit,
Multiple times God saves my life, puts up with my shit,
Has the power to put guardian angels by my side,
So loving and accepting, from him i now not hide.

Saved me from Satan, I know Gods always got my back,
Has more strength than a killing wolf pack,
As I pray, all negative thoughts, he clears my mind,
Opened up my eyes so I am no longer blind.

Anytime I call upon him, I feel his presence,
Gives me peace of mind, gave me a beautiful conscience,
Blessed me with the gut feeling to tell right from wrong,
Put music on earth so man can make a beautiful song.

Anyone who curses his name, he loves them anyway,
Gave us the sun and moon, their beauty we see everyday,
The blue sky and bright stars make me really see,
All together it's not me it's actually we.

Thunder and lightning, cry's of God doth rain,
The pain and sins we create, he washeth away,
Suicides i tried and that were attempted,
Cause of him, they were attempted, not committed.

I'm crying tears as I write cause I know he loves me,
One day in heaven with him I shall be,
My soul up there will be pure, truth he'll give us all,
If i follow him and do my best, I will never, ever fall.

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