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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Coming Of Christ

Can't believe how many times I've put Christ down,
He's the man with the golden white crown,
I'm writing this cause i feel guilty ragging on his name,
Why I don't know, nailed to the cross he took all the blame.

Rising from down under, this God's not dead,
Evil leaves my body as he puts his hands upon my head,
Fed the homeless and starving when they were in need,
This God has not once done a horrible deed.

As rocks are thrown, all he does is stand and love,
He is never hurt, his sign is the pure white dove,
Wicked Satan trys to fight this powerful god,
Christ explodes back, slamming his golden rod.

Satan falls to his knees in absolute shock,
Satan pulled out his gun, but it wouldn't cock,
By the power of God, I sentence you back to hell,
You'll be in there for eternity, now go rot in your cell.

All the good and evil thanked Christ for their lives,
All repented for their sins, evil ones dropped their knives,
Christ said, "You're all ok, you're all children of mine,
Have faith and choose the right, you'll be fine."

God, I'm sorry for saying your name in vein,
It's just i get these confusing temptations from Cain,
So i hope you can accept this poem as an apology,
Thank you God, I know you'll always be there for me.

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