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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fuck It

In the playground, tied the noose around my neck,
These fucked up thoughts and feelings no longer in check,
Family and friends, don't care if you're in pain,
Feel my evil spirit, I say Gods name in vein.

Out to the garage, I turn on the car,
Carbon monoxide, I will die, get away so far,
As i lye by the exhaust, breathe in the filthy air,
It was death on my mind, life, i didn't care.

Take pills and prescriptions, drink the alcohol down,
In Mexico I attempted suicide, didn't work, I did frown,
Woken up by friends, they asked why, fucking why,
Filled with anger and rage, all i could do was cry.

The gun to my head, I blew my fucking brains out,
Because i hated life, didn't know what it was about,
They walked in and saw my blood splattered on the wall,
My mother first, out of sadness, to her knees she did fall.

100 Tylenol, 2 prescriptions of Trazedone, I wanted to go,
In the shower slit my wrist, the blood did soever flow,
Why'd that mother fucker save my life,
I did it cause of a woman i wanted to be my wife.

All are things I've done or wanted to do,
The people who saved me, I fucking hate you,
One of these days I will do it right,
I'm so excited for when i see the black light.

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