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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Love Mermaid

Baby, I’ll tell you a story
This story is beautiful, not gory
As we turn on our lamp light
Your face is in my sight
The story goes like this
Beauty, the sailor did miss
On the sea for so long
He’s no longer strong
Seeking love his whole life
Wants that perfect wife
But all he does is sail
Living on a boat that’s hell
One day, he sees a mermaid
She jumps on the boat and they played
“What is you name, mam?”
“Why thank you, it’s Sam!”
From there it was absolute bliss
Finally, they kiss
Explosions from their eyes
The sailor’s sadness dies
But the mermaid can never leave the sea
” I will never leave you be
I’m in love with you”
The sailor stays on his boat, they are the perfect two
Fishing the sea’s forever is what they’ll do
They’re like paper sticking together with glue
Sailing the sea’s, free from everyone
Having so much fun
She gives him a coral reef ring
Starts to sing
He sleeps to her lullaby
She says goodbye
Waking up from his sleep
He realizes it was love he couldn’t keep 

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