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Monday, August 22, 2011

To Blogger People

I’m intimidated by you critics
All of you in your own clicks
Question, where do I fit
I don’t know, I always complicate it
Always thinking in my mind
Who will find
My poetry
Then follow me
Tumblr is like a game
Whose got the most fame
I just want to get my poetry out there
And talk to the people who do care
My story is I’m mentally ill
I always want more blood spill
From my cuts, I want to kill
Myself, just for the thrill not to feel
Bi-polar, I’m completely fine
Sometimes I just get in self-pity and whine
Honestly, I’m doing great
I’ll wait to die till my death date
To anyone who reads
If any of you needs
A friend or someone to talk to
Well, I’m here for you

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