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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stupid Bitch

I can’t take this bullshit anymore
Die you ugly, fucking whore
Do you know you smell like the zoo
Eat the dog shit off my shoe
Burn on the cross you wretched witch
Shut your fucking mouth, bitch
Your cheeks are sunk
From sucking too much dick, you punk
I hope you and your family get hit by a truck
Just die cunt, fuck
No one wants you around
I’ll curb your teeth to the ground
None of your teeth can be found
Shut up bitch, don’t make a sound
Rip out you gnarled, scraggly hair
Shave it off, no one will care
You eat like a disgusting pig out of a troff
I want to rip that gross face off
Piss all over it
On your feet, take a shit
I would have lied
If I said someone would have cared if you died
Go get lost
Freeze to death in the frost
You’re so fucking crude
You ruin my mood
Leave planet earth
Cause you have no worth
You mother was slapped
When you were born, no one clapped
If you don’t get it by now
I’ll tell you how
No one will cry
So, die 

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