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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Band

Judas fucking Priest
Is not to say the least
Favorite band of mine
Around 40 years of time
Making heavy fucking metal
They aren’t skeptical
Metal studs, black leather
Playing shows in any weather
Legends, Gods, Heros
Make people not feel like zero’s
I have a Judas Priest tattoo
Sad Wings Of Destiny angel in the blue
I’ll support them forever
To hate them, never
Glenn and K.K. shred
Ian rocks his head
Scott pounds
While Rob screams on the grounds
The epic 5
Make me feel alive
Happy or sad
Good or bad
Always great listens
Music blissens 
Rocket me into outer space
Melt my face
I’ll always be “Living After Midnight”
And for “The Ripper” I’ll keep sight
Thank you Judas Priest for changing my life
I better have a wife
Who adores you
Otherwise, we’re through
Judas fucking Priest
Not to say the least

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